Razor e100 Electric Scooter Battery

Razor E100 Battery

Razor e100 electric scooter has already been in the market for a few years, it could be time that the rechargeable batteries couldn't hold charges and you need to replace the batteries for your razor e100 electric scooter. Before you order new batteries, make sure you know the right types of battery for your razor scooter as it varied according to different razor e100 version.

You can determine the version of your electric scooter by the bar code ID at the bottom of the scooter.

The battery is actually the same, it is the connectors that is different, if you know how to use back the existing wiring and connectors, just order the battery with the same spec will be fine.

There are 4 different variations to choose from,

Razor E100 Battery From Amazon

Replacement battery for E100/E125 (V10-V15) & E150 (V1-V5) ONLY!

Razor E100 battery

Razor E100 Battery Detail (For scooter Version 10-15)

Razor E100 Battery For Scooter Version 16+

Razor e100 battery (Version 16+)

Razor E100 (Version 1-7) Battery

Razor E100 Version 1-7 battery

If your razor scooter is of other versions, just head onto Razorama as there are more options!

Care For Your Razor e100 Battery

After you have replaced our razor e100 batteries, they are required to be fully charged. It will probably take up to 12 hours to completely charge the pair of new batteries. You can let be charge over the night if you are using the Razor supplied charger.

Razor supplied charger is designed to avoid over charging the battery.

Your Razor e100 should be turn off when perform charging, although the batteries will still be charge even when the scooter power switch is ON. Turning OFF the power switch when charging will prevent accidental activation of the scooter or unexpected sudden electricity surge that might damage the scooter.

It is a good practice to recharge your electric scooter batteries after every prolong ride. It can take up to 8 hours to charge depend on the battery usage level. You don’t have to wait till fully discharge of your battery before recharging it.

If not using the scooter, remember to turn it OFF. Performing charging on razor e100 battery every month even not using it. Fail to do so may result the rechargeable battery unable to hold charge when you decide to use it.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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